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Ophthalmological Academic Symposium on 100th Birthday of Prof. Xia Dezhao held successfully
2017-08-01 Visit:

On July 8th, over 320 domestic and overseas representatives from the field of ophthalmology came to Shenyang and attended the Ophthalmological Academic Symposium on the 100th Birthday of Prof. Xia Dezhao, the leading authority in China's ophthalmology.


Prof. Xia Dezhao was born in Xiajia Village of Changtu County in Liaoning Province on January 15th, 1918. After graduated from the former Manchuria Medical University in 1941, he began his career as doctor and teacher, and later worked in CMU from November of 1948 when Northeastern China was liberated till now.


Throughout his lifetime, Prof. Xia has been pursuing higher aims in his ophthalmological studies, making remarkable achievements in the fields of corneal transplantation, treatment of viral keratitis with the combination of traditional medicine and western medicine, optic-nerve-related diseases, etc. and has cultivated a great number of backbone scholars and leading doctors in the field of ophthalmology home and abroad. As a 100-year-old doctor, he still practices clinically for the cause of China's ophthalmological development.

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