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The School of Fundamental Sciences
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The School of Fundamental Sciences was established in December 2014, under the background of the overall development of basic disciplines and the disciplinary construction of biomedical engineering. It is a new school composed of the departments of English(1, 2), Japanese, Russian, Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Tissue Engineering, Sports Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. It also takes charge of the Division of Biomedical Engineering and the Foreign Language Training Center of the Ministry of Health.

At present, there are a first-level discipline and an undergraduate specialty of Biomedical Engineering , a doctoral program of Tissue Engineering and a master’s degree program of Biomedical Engineering. Every year the School recruits 90 undergraduates of Biomedical Engineering, doctor postgraduates of Tissue Engineering and postgraduates of Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Biochemistry and Sports Medicine.

In accordance with the accumulation of the historical experience, the “Double First-class” construction target and the 13th Five-Year Plan, the School has now determined its main research directions in the biological materials research, the medical big data processing and profound learning, the medical image processing and computer graphics, the research and development of mobile medical equipment and the foreign language study.

The School possesses a team of powerful teaching staff. The current director, Professor Xianzheng Sha, is councilor of Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society,  vice-chairman of the Sensing Technology Association of Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society, member of the Measuring Technology Association of the Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society, standing councilor of Liaoning Biomedical Engineering Society and member of the third session of Disciplinary Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of Liaoning Provincial Government. There are now ten departments and 178 faculty members, including 159 full-time teachers. There are 14 postgraduate supervisors, including 3 supervisors for Ph.D. students, 19 teachers with senior professional titles, 23 teachers with junior professional titles, 1 Distinguished Teaching Master of Liaoning Province, 1 Distinguished Teaching Master of the University, 1 Excellent Teacher of Liaoning Province and 3 excellent courses of Liaoning Province. The School undertakes the teaching tasks of common required courses of the University, including English, Japanese, Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. The School is also equipped with the research laboratories of biomedical materials, biomedical sensors, digital medicine, medical image processing and medical signal processing,  medical device, tissue engineering, 3D printing, sports medicine, patch-clamp technique and atomic-force microscope, together with the students laboratory in the Medical Information and Engineering Sub-center of the National Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Medical Science. The School of Fundamental  Sciences undertakes the multi-level teaching tasks for undergraduates, postgraduates, students of Vocational and Technical College, Distance Education School, Adult Education College, China Medical University-The Queen’s University of Belfast Joint College and International Education School. The teaching tasks cover the basic public courses and professional courses of biomedical engineering and imaging technology with annual teaching hours over 30,000, which lays a solid foundation for the students to receive professional education, improve their quality and skills and pursue further study in all clinical fields.

Based on the present and looking forward into the future, the School of Fundamental Sciences will make it its mission to better serve the development of China Medical University and meet the needs for the specialized talents of the 21st Century and, by centering on the target of making China Medical University a “high-level, distinctive, first-class at home and internationally famous medical university”, focus on making the School a training base of public basic education with high quality, distinctive features, solid foundation and strong innovative capacity.

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