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School of Nursing, China Medical University, whose predecessor is nursing faculty of  China Medical University, was founded in 1985. It was not only one of the nursing school with early recovery history in higher nursing education among nursing schools in China, but also the earliest founded nursing school in Northeast China. In 2002, the International School of Nursing was established.


School of Nursing has nine departments currently, namely the party and government office, faculty development and academic research management office, student affairs office, the department of fundamental of nursing, the department of humanistic nursing, the department of mental and psychological wellbeing, the department of community nursing, the first clinical nursing department, the second clinical nursing department, and nursing skills training center. The first and second clinical nursing departments are located in the First Clinical College and the Second Clinical College of China Medical University. There are 91 faculty members in School of Nursing, 70 of them worked in affiliated hospitals of China Medical University. There are 9 professors, 19 associate professors, 50 lecturers and 13 teaching assistants.


In 2007, the School of Nursing was awarded as a model specialty in Liaoning Province. In 2009, it was awarded as the characteristic specialty construction unit at the national level. In 2013, it was voted characteristic discipline in Liaoning Province. In 2014, the National Health and Family Planning Commission approved the establishment of " National Nursing Training Center " in China Medical University .The School of Nursing offers two provincial excellent courses, one provincial excellent resource sharing course and one national high quality resource sharing course (network education). Since enrollment began in 1985, the School of Nursing has a total enrollment of nursing undergraduate students more than 1,600, and more than 1,200 students have graduated till now. Nursing graduates now worked in more than 20 provinces and municipalities all over the country, some of them are working oversea. They are playing more and more important roles in many fields such as nursing management, nursing education, clinical care and others. According to incomplete statistics, 15 graduates are working as Dean or Vice Dean of Nursing Schools. Besides, more than 20 graduates are working as nursing director or deputy director of the first-class hospitals in China. Graduates won the approval of employers broadly, with their comprehensive high-quality, superb professional skills and outstanding ability to work. The employment rate has been nearly 100% continuously.


In 2000, the School of Nursing was voted as master's degree authorization center, and in 2001 it began to recruit master degree students. The school nowadays has 14 master's advisors with 10 research directions, including nursing education, nursing management, nursing psychology, elderly care, community nursing, medical nursing, surgical nursing, obstetrics and gynecology nursing, pediatric nursing and emergency nursing. So far, the School of Nursing  has a total enrollment of 146 postgraduate students, with 106 already graduated and 40 are persuing their career in school till 2016. in 2011, the School of Nursing was awarded doctor 's degree authorized center, and in 2013 doctor’s degree nursing students were began to be recruited. The School has three doctoral tutors in three research directions, including nursing education, nursing management and clinical nursing. Currently there are five doctoral students in school.


In 2002, the School of Nursing began to set up joint school with the British and Australian Nursing Schools . Till 2008 a total of more than 70 nursing students had finished training programs and worked oversea so far. At present, the nursing School has established cooperative relations with them to train international nursing talent.


Over the years, the School of Nursing is seeking innovation and development, under the leadship of the China Medical University , with the help of the all sectors. School of Nursing upholds the faculty training as “Rigorous truth-seeking, collaborative innovation, knowledge prudent independence, love and dedication”. The core task is identified as "improving the quality of education and teaching, training the high-quality nursing talents". School dedicates to discipline construction and faculty team building and has achieved fruitful results. School gains high praise by the domestic counterparts in the fields of undergraduate teaching work, research work, graduate education and student management.


With the rapid development of social economy and the continuous change of medical and health service system, nursing profession will face new opportunities and challenges. All the staff of the School of Nursing will unite and make unremitting efforts. Under the correct leadership of the two-level party and government leading bodies, we will take full advantages, strengthen domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation, actively learn from other school’s advanced educational experiences. We will struggle to build Nursing School of China Medical University a national leading, international famous one.

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