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China Medical University (CMU) was authorized as one of the first batch of Chinese medical schools by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit international students and teach medicine in English for international students. CMU began to recruit international students with Chinese government scholarship in 1976, and enrolled international students for MBBS program in English medium in 2005.


In 2010, the International Education School (IES) was established. IES is responsible for international students’ admission, teaching, administration and service. There are 12 full-time staff members in the IES which include a teaching affairs section, a student affairs section, and a general office.


Currently, there are more than thousand international students from more than 70 countries including India, Thailand, the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, etc., which also includes government supported students. IES offers all levels of education for doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates (both in Chinese and English medium) and visiting students (in Chinese medium). In 2013, IES was awarded as the ‘Liaoning Educational Demonstration Base for Foreign Students Study’ by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education. IES will continue to scale up and enrich the level of running school.


In 2014, CMU moved to the new campus. With the improvement of living conditions and the perfection of teaching and administration, IES has achieved great progress. Students’ quality has been greatly improved with a better teaching and management system. IES has a separate teaching building which is located at the north of the campus. IES has utilized a problem based learning (PBL) method in some subjects such as biochemistry, pharmacology, pathophysiology, immunology for several years. The MBBS program in English medium has reached a leading level in China and won high international reputations.


There are 3 well-equipped dormitories, which have single rooms with attached bathrooms and equipped with a public kitchen on each floor. IES organizes many student activities, such as an international food festival, talent show, medical workshop, medical sciences competition, inter-university debates, and so on.

Cultivating excellent medical talents and promoting the cultural exchanges between China and other countries all over the world is the goal of the IES. IES will continue to make efforts to achieve our goal!



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