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School Of Continuing Education (Adult Education)
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China Medical University School of Continuing Education (Adult Education) is aiming at the medical education activities of all members of the society after school education, especially adult education which is an important platform for health professionals’lifelong learning.

In 1983, CMU’s adult education resumed enrollment. Adult Education Institute was founded in August, 1998 and wasrenamed as China Medical University School of Continuing Education (Adult Education) in April, 2007. The Institute has been strictly adhering to the schooling idea of strict scholarly research and strict education management, highlighting its unique features, and strengthening its management, which won a higher reputation in the society and higher praise by by the Ministry of Health and Education Department of Liaoning province, and obtained “Outstanding School”honor many times in the evaluation of adult higher education management in Liaoning province.

School of Continuing Education makes its education and teaching work closely combined with the development strategy of CMU, and has established a complete talent training system with distinct characteristics of adult education and medical profession. The School offers 9 specialties and has 11 regional campuses.It has formed multi-form, multi-level, multi-standard, multi-type and multi-channel education patterns of diploma education and non-diploma education.  Since 1983, School of Continuing Education has cultivated a total of 12,447 students, and now it has a current enrollment of 8,334 students.

School of Continuing Education attaches great importance to the construction of textbooks.In August, 2006, the National Higher Medical Textbooks Construction Research Society and Textbooks Office of the Ministry of Health held an editor-in-chief meeting in CMU on the Ministry of Health planning textbooks for national adult higher medical education. In September, 2012,the same meeting was held in CMU again. In recent years, under the active coordination of the School, CMU served as the editor-in-chief unit of 17 adult education textbooks, including the "11th Five-Year"and the "12th Five-Year" planning textbook, which have been published successively.

In order to better serve the economic and social development of Liaoning province, and cultivate practical grass-roots health talentsappropriate to the new rural and community health service systems and work demands, School of Continuing Education established an adult education teaching base in 2007 in Chaoyang Central Hospital (one of clinical teaching hospitals of CMU). In 2008, regional campuses were established in 9 cities and counties, including Anshan City. At the same time, the School initiated practical grass-roots doctor training model, i.e., teacher-student pairing, one-to-one or one-to-more. Teachersare responsible for helping and guiding students’ study and clinical work, and providing medical information consultation, etc.. Students, under the guidance of teachers, regularly take part in the hospital’s teaching ward rounds and case discussion. The training pattern has also set up a student study manual, including the study practice record, the term evaluation and so on.This training pattern has been well received by the grass-roots doctors. To 2010, more than 800 students and over 100 associate professors and professorshad formed “supports-pair”. In addition, China Medical University village doctors and community doctors training project (CMB#08-893), which was declared by our school, was approved by China Medical Board (CMB).

In recent years, the School has gradually taken continuing education as the future development direction, accelerating the transition to continuing education. Since 1996, the number of the state-level continuing education projects declared by our school has reached 1,910, among which 1,643 were approved. 897 training classes were opened and the number of trained students reached 136,468. In November 2009, Liaoning Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department approved CMU’s School of Continuing Education (Adult Education) to be the only continuing education base for medical professional and technical personnel in Liaoning Province.

With the steady progress of the work, the School's influence is increasing. In 2008, CMU was promoted to be the vice-chairman unit in the annual meeting of Liaoning province continuing education & adult education.In 2009, CMU was elected to be the deputy director unit in the adult education group meeting of Chinese Medical Association medical education branch. In 2011, the Dean was awarded “Advanced Individual of National Adult Education” by Chinese Association for Adult Education. In 2012, the Dean was elected to be the vice chairman of People’s Medical Publishing House Adult Education Planning Textbook Review Committee.In 2014, the Dean addressed National Continued Education SummitForum, in which he introduced our school’s working experience and our school won the outstanding organization award. In the same year, our school became the chairman unit of the National Adult Education Development Union, and the Dean was employed as the union chairman.

China Medical University School of Continuing Education (Adult Education) dedicates to serving CMU’s development and local health service in Liaoning province, and is making steady progress.


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