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Through great efforts and preparation, China Medical University (CMU) formally applied to the Ministry of Education for carrying out a pilot distance education in December 2001. After the defense and expert review, CMU was approved by the Ministry of Education to carry out the pilot project of modern distance education in February 2002. CMU has become one of the 68 colleges and universities in China implementing modern distance education pilot project.


The Distance Education School attaches great importance to the hardware construction. Three network lines have been connected to the new campus, including Education network, China Unicom and China Telecom. There are 4 studios, including a 300 square meter HD Digital Studio, a 180 square meter HD Virtual Studio, a 50 square meter Digital Studio and a mobile HD studio. The 4 studios can be used for courseware recording simultaneously. It also has an independent server room, a set of virtual cabinets, and 11 independent physical servers.


Resources construction is always the top priority of all the work in our school. Now we’ve produced more than 150 network video coursewares of diploma education and non-diploma education, 2 online practices of basic medical science coursewares of Anatomy and Pathology, 3 online virtual experiments of Pharmacology, 5 online virtual experiments of Physiology, 1 online human-body simulation laboratory, 13 online practices of Basic Nursing, 10 online practices of Medical Nursing, 10 online practices of Surgical Nursing, 8 online practices of OBGYN Nursing, 5 online practices of Pediatric Nursing, 1 medical image database with 3,000 images including Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Pathological Anatomy, Laboratory diagnosis, Diagnostic Imaging and Sectional Anatomy.


Our school has 3 National Quality Network Education Courses, including Pharmacology (2008), Quality Resource Sharing Course of Pharmacology (2012), and Quality Resource Sharing Course of Nursing Fundamentals (2012).


Our School has strong capabilities of platform development. In addition to "Distance Education School" website for diploma distance education, we also developed a number of free and open non-diploma education websites, including the website of "Educational Technology Center", "Liaoning Health Professionals Training Network", "626 Health Network", "Examination Guidance Platform for Clinical Licensing Examination ", "Guidance and Training Platform for Nurse Licensing Examination", which are open to the user in Liaoning province free of charge.





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