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School of Stomatology
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  China Medical University’s stomatology education began as early as 1948. The precursor of the School of Stomatology was stomotology department of CMU’s First Hospital. The Department of Stomatology of CMU was re-established in 1985 and in 1998, the School of Stomatology was approved to be established, a co-constructed unit by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province.

  At present, the School of Stomatology has eastablished a discipline system of 4 basic stomatology science departments and 10 clinical stomatology departments, and has formed a multi-level stomatology training system consisting of five-year undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral programs. It could confer first-level doctoral degree of stomatology. Stomatology is a key discipline of Liaoning Province, a characteristic specialty of Liaoning Province and an experimental specialty of undergraduate comprehensive reform in higher education institutions of Liaoning. School of Stomatology is also the demonstration center of experimental teaching among general universities and colleges and the practical educational base of college students in Liaoning province. It has a clinical training center based on undergraduate clinical practice and an open   stomatology experimental center. There are now 190 teachers, including 32 professors, 64 associate professors, 15 doctoral-degree supervisors and 46 master’s degree supervisors. It has been approved as the key laboratory of oral disease research and research center of oral disease transformation in Liaoning province, which make it become a vital platform of both personnel training and scientific research. We attach great importance to academic exchange and communication and have constant academic exchanges with the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea and other countries. In the subject ranking among the national universities made by the Ministry of Education, the School of Stomatology ranked eighth; in the national science and technology influence ranking, it ranked ninth.

  The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of China Medical University was approved by the Health and Family Planning Commission and officially founded in 1986. With its 25,000-square-meter floor area, the hospital has 19 clinical departments, 4 medical centers and 9 medical departments. There are now 585 teaching and administrative staff, including 504 professional and technical personnel. Now it has two national key clinical specialties: oral and maxillofacial surgery and periodontics. There are now 240 outpatient comprehensive treatment chairs and 100 hospital beds, with 40 million outpatients annually, more than 3,000 inpatients, and over 7000 cases of surgery annually.

  The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of China Medical University is the national professional oral and maxillofacial surgery clinicians’ training base, the examination point and the examiners’ training base of doctors' qualification of oral practical skills of the National Medical Examination Center, the national clinical trial base for drugs, and the national standardized resident training base. It’s also the executive office of organizations like Liaoning  Stomatological Association, Liaoning Dental Diseases Prevention Steering Group, Shenyang Physicians' Association’s Stomatological Branch, Liaoning Stomatology Quality Control Center, etc..

  All staff from the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of China Medical University will uphold the medical service concept of “taking patients as the center, health as the purpose, prevention as the emphasis, and truly combining prevention and treatment”, keep on working hard, make great contributions for the development of stomatology and safeguard people’s oral health.


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