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China Medical University (CMU) is constructed with 33 institutions, departments and schools. The university is authorized to offer 19 programs for undergraduates, including clinical medicine, anesthesiology, medical imaging, psychology and mental health, pediatric medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, forensic medicine, clinical pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, rehabilitation science, nursing, biological science, biological engineering, information management and information system, public health management, biological technology (Sino-British joint program) and pharmaceutical science (Sino-British joint program), and awarding bachelor degree in medicine, science, engineering and management, respectively.

The university has 3 affiliated general hospitals, known as the first, the second (ShengJing Hospital) and the forth clinical colleges, and 1 specialized stomatological hospital with 9,748 open beds and 270 dental treatment chairs. Moreover, the university has 15 non-affiliated clinical colleges, 19 teaching hospitals, 6 internship hospitals, 42 teaching bases, which provide full support for undergraduates’ practical teaching.

CMU has been granted with the following national education projects: 1 Pilot Project of the Reform of the Cultivating Mode of Talents on the Five-Year Track of Clinical Medicine, 1 Pilot Project of the Cultivation Reform on Clinical Medicine Elite Talents, 1 Innovation Experimental Zone of Cultivating Mode of Talents, 5 Construction Projects of Characteristic Progam,, 1 Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program, 11 Quality Courses, 9 Quality Resources Sharing Courses, 1 Quality Video Open Course, 2 Quality Teaching Teams, 1 Bilingual Model Course, 2 Model Centers of Experimental Teaching, 1 Off-campus Practice Education Base for College Students, 2 Excellent Textbooks, 16 Textbooks of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

At the provincial level, CMU has been granted with 8 Model Programs, 1 Brand-name Program, 5 Comprehensive Reforming Pilot Programs of Undergraduate Teaching, 1 Priority Program, 1 Pilot Project of the Cultivation Model Reform on Engineering Talents, 5 Pilot Programs of Transformation Development, 1 Pilot Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform, 41 Quality Courses, 5 Quality Video Open Courses, 25 Quality Resource Sharing Courses, 12 Quality Teaching Teams, 2 Bilingual Model Courses, 14 Model Centers of Experimental Teaching, 1 Practice Education Base (Off-campus), 1 Base for Cultivating Urgently Needed Talents, 1 Practice Education Base of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 8 Excellent Textbooks, 4 Textbooks of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

CMU has a current enrollment of 9,122 undergraduate students. Since the founding of university, it has cultivated over 80,000 senior medical personnel across China and many other countries and regions in the world, and brought up a great number of renown national leaders in health management and prestigious experts and scholars in medicine. According to incomplete statistics, over one hundred graduates were/are positioned with vice-ministerial level and above, among whom are 9 ministers or vice-ministers of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, over 40 army generals, and 14 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 

In the future, CMU will continue to stick to the socialistic schooling direction, deepen education and teaching reform, innovate the cultivating mode of talents, strengthen the development of teaching quality assurance system, dedicate to create and disseminate knowledge, cultivate high-caliber medical professionals with leading mind-set and competency, and shape qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism. 

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