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  The postgraduate education of China medical university started in the early days of new china. In 1978, the university resumed postgraduate enrollment as one of the first batch of approved colleges.
  After the degree regulations issued by the State Council in 1980, the university became the first batch of university with doctoral and master's degree granting authority, approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. From the postgraduate education restored in 1978 so far, the university enrolled 4978 full-time PhD students, 16310 full-time Master postgraduate students. As of September 2015,there were 4709 full-time postgraduate students, including 1182 doctoral postgraduate students, 1282 academic postgraduate students, 2245 professional degree postgraduate students.  
  The university in medicine, education, science, engineering, philosophy and management of six disciplines has the right to grant degrees, and in the basic medicine, clinical medicine, biology, dentistry, public health and preventive medicine, nursing of six disciplines has the right to grant doctoral degrees, in basic medicine, clinical medicine, biology, dentistry, public health and preventive medicine, Nursing, pharmacy, biomedical engineering eight disciplines has  the right to grant master's degree. There are 50 doctoral degree programs in two disciplines, 60 master's degree programs in secondary disciplines, 63 doctoral degrees programs in three subjects, and 73 master's programs in three disciplines.

  There are one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two professors of the Changjiang Scholarship, 708 professors, 1008 associate professors and 977 postgraduates, among which 426 are doctoral supervisors in the university.

  The main purpose of postgraduate education is to improve the service requirements and quality, focus on cultivating talents having both ability and political integrity, with excellent development potential of outstanding innovative and strong practical ability. The university actively promotes the comprehensive reform of postgraduate education and the system of the postgraduate school, establishes the clear structured postgraduate education management system, and strengthens the coordination of the the main responsibility body to promote the development mechanism of degree and postgraduate education and the quality of assurance system.

  The university actively promotes the internationalization of postgraduate education and expands opening to the outside channels of cooperation, establishes the postgraduate degree granting and the training mechanism of international mutual recognition. The university improves the international student policy to develop a more flexible enrollment system, continually expanding the scale of foreign students to study.

  The university actively improves the policy of graduate student awards, increases the reward for outstanding postgraduate students and poor financial support students, establishes a reasonable and effective incentive evaluation system, including national scholarships, academic scholarships, freshman scholarships and social contributions and so on. scholarship coverage reached 100% in the non-directional PhD students and more than 50% in the master graduate student

  School graduate thesis is awarded the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. A number of dissertations each year has been awarded in Liaoning province outstanding blog. Postgraduate employment rate has been more than 92%, nearly 80% of the graduates find jobs in China's first-tier cities and provincial capital cities, 82% in tertiary employment. Moreover, the high quality of graduate students has been received by the unit.

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